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SECU Telephone Contacts

SECU Telephone Contacts

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Products & Services                                                                                                                                                                                           
Main Office Local 281-285-4551 Toll Free 800-272-7328, FAX 281-285-4436
Accessibility/Convenience Services                                                                                                                                                                  
ATMs - Allpoint Surcharge-Free Network Toll Free 800-809-0308 (Opt 2) Direct 301-492-2100 (Opt 2)
Bill Pay Service Call Center assistance.  (877) 285-6828 (Toll Free: US, 7AM-1AM EST, 7 days/week)  
Shared Branch Locator 800-919-2872 (Toll Free: US) 800-919-2872 (Toll Free: US)
Check Reorder (Member Web) Assumes no Acct changes
since last order
877-585-8777, Ext "0"
Net24 Service Access. If Security Code needs reset, select "Forgot My Security Code" link to receive via email. Send email to request Security Questions reset. (800) 272-7328 (Toll Free US: M-F 8AM-4:30PM CST) for support. (281) 285-4551 (Direct: M-F 8AM - 4:30 PM CST) for support.
Financial Services                                                                                                                                                                                              
Auto and Home Insurance 800-813-0827 (Toll Free: US)  
Brokerage Services (CUNA - Members Financial Network) 800-369-2862 (Toll Free: US)  
Financial Planning (Remote Advisory (MEMBERS Financial Services): Contact Us) 888-888-3940 (Toll Free: US) Direct 608-232-6444, FAX 608-236-6140
Insurance (Term, Whole Life, Annuity, AD&D, Long Term Care) 888-888-3940 (Toll Free: US)  
Mortgage Services                                                                                                                                                                                               
Mortgage Prequalification (SWBC): Sallye Gibson (Mortgage Loan Officer) @ SECU 205 Industrial Blvd., Sugar Land 800-460-6990 (Toll Free: US) Direct 281-285-3237 or FAX 281-285-4436
Mortgage Servicing HomePlus - Escrow Processor (effective Nov 1, 2014) 866-858-0118 (Toll Free: US) 609-538-4005 (FAX)
VISA Credit/Debit Card Services                                                                                                                                                                      
Card Activation, or Lost/Stolen/Fraud - Credit/Debit Cards Activation (wi SSN): At any ATM or call 866-333-9337 (Toll Free: US) Lost/Stolen/Activation (W/O SSN): 800-272-7328 (Toll Free: US), or 281-285-4551 (Options: Debit 2,2,4 or Credit: 2,3,4)
Card Security Fraud Prevention Center callback #'s Domestic: 866-331-4199, 877-253-8807, and 800-262-2024, or International: 614-564-5105, and 973-682-2652 (if collect - must go through local Operator first). 800-272-7328 (Toll Free: US), or 281-285-4551 (Debit: Options 2, 2, 4) 800-272-7328 (Toll Free: US), or 281-285-4551 (Credit: Options 2, 3, 4)
Card Disputes Process and PIN Requests 800-272-7328 (Toll Free: US), or 281-285-4551 (Debit: Options 2, 2, 5) 800-272-7328 (Toll Free: US), or 281-285-4551 (Credit: Options 2, 4, 3)
Card FastTrack Gift Redemption - Special Credit Card Promotion Program 888-257-8365 (Toll Fee: US) Direct mail gift offer (US delivery only)
Score Card Rewards (Debit and Credit Cards) Redeem points online! 800-854-0790 (Toll Free: US), points redemption for gifts and general inquiries (24/7 exc. major holidays).  855-483-5005 (Toll Free: US) for air travel, car rental, hotels, and cruises (9-9 EST M-F, 9-5 EST Sat/Sun).

SECU Organization - Sugar Land Main Branch unless noted otherwise                                                                                                   
President/Manager Harold Ottis
Sr. Vice President - Operations Holly Davis***
Sr. Vice President - Marketing/Technology Jerry Hammervold
VP Chief Financial Officer Melanie Aguilar
Controller Allison Lynn
VP Lending and Collateral Protection Mark Sprainis
Collections Manager Tracey Jones
Desktop and Technology Support Specialist Terrence Ramassar
Accounting - Supervisor Ann Ha*
Accounting - Clerk Angelica Gonzales*
Accounting - Compliance Analyst Sara Turcios
Loan Officer Amber Posey
Loan Officer Darcy Haynes
Loan Officer Ramona Buxo
Loan Officer Reema Khodr
Loan Officer Stacy Young
Loan Processor Josie Mckinny
Member Services Asia Duckett
Member Services - Lobby Charlene Stauter
Member Services - New Accounts Brittany Montes
Member Services - New Accounts Elvia Lopez
Member Services - New Accounts Shelley Nagel
Member Services - New Accounts Veronica Perez
Member Services - VISA Processor Denise Brown
Member Services - VISA Processor Racquel Wilkerson
Member Services Christopher Martinez
Member Services/Teller Anthony Munoz
Member Services/Teller Jessica Heredia
Member Services/Teller Megan Price
Member Services Melissa Narciza-Garcia
Member Services Miesha Salas
Member Services - Wires, CDs, IRAs Christy Shelly
Member Services - Wires, Payroll Sylvia Hipolito
Document Clerk/Teller Tina Olano
Title Administrator Pam Stringer*
VISA Debit Representative Cynthia Jackson
VISA Credit Representative Richelle Sanchez
*Notary     ** Signature Guarantee     ***Both

Schlumberger Sponsor - Site Information                                                                                                                                                        
Schlumberger Bad Weather Hot Line Sugar Land Office 281-285-8595
Schlumberger Security Sugar Land Office 281-285-3000