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SECU Telephone Contacts

SECU Telephone Contacts

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Products & Services                                                                                                                                                                                           
Main Office Local 281-285-4551 Toll Free 800-272-7328, FAX 281-285-4436
Accessibility/Convenience Services                                                                                                                                                                  
ATMs - Allpoint Surcharge-Free Network Toll Free 800-809-0308 (Opt 2) Direct 301-492-2100 (Opt 2)
Bill Pay Service Call Center assistance.  (877) 285-6828 (Toll Free: US, 7AM-1AM EST, 7 days/week)  
Shared Branch Locator 800-919-2872 (Toll Free: US) 800-919-2872 (Toll Free: US)
Check Reorder (Member Web) Assumes no Acct changes
since last order
877-585-8777, Ext "0"
Net24 Service Access. If Security Code needs reset, select "Forgot My Security Code" link to receive via email. Send email to request Security Questions reset. (800) 272-7328 (Toll Free US: M-F 8AM-4:30PM CST) for support. (281) 285-4551 (Direct: M-F 8AM - 4:30 PM CST) for support.
Financial Services                                                                                                                                                                                              
Auto and Home Insurance 800-813-0827 (Toll Free: US)  
Brokerage Services (CUNA - Members Financial Network) 800-369-2862 (Toll Free: US)  
Financial Planning (Remote Advisory (MEMBERS Financial Services): Contact Us) 888-888-3940 (Toll Free: US) Direct 608-232-6444, FAX 608-236-6140
Insurance (Term, Whole Life, Annuity, AD&D, Long Term Care) 888-888-3940 (Toll Free: US)  
Mortgage Services                                                                                                                                                                                               
Mortgage Prequalification (SWBC): Sallye Gibson (Mortgage Loan Officer) @ SECU 205 Industrial Blvd., Sugar Land 800-460-6990 (Toll Free: US) Direct 281-285-3237 or FAX 281-285-4436
Mortgage Servicing HomePlus - Escrow Processor (effective Nov 1, 2014) 866-858-0118 (Toll Free: US) 609-538-4005 (FAX)
VISA Credit/Debit Card Services                                                                                                                                                                      
Card Activation, or Lost/Stolen/Fraud - Credit/Debit Cards Activation (wi SSN): At any ATM or call 866-333-9337 (Toll Free: US) Lost/Stolen/Activation (W/O SSN): 800-272-7328 (Toll Free: US), or 281-285-4551 (Options: Debit 2,2,4 or Credit: 2,3,4)
Card Security Fraud Prevention Center callback #'s Domestic: 866-331-4199, 877-253-8807, and 800-262-2024, or International: 614-564-5105, and 973-682-2652 (if collect - must go through local Operator first). 800-272-7328 (Toll Free: US), or 281-285-4551 (Debit: Options 2, 2, 4) 800-272-7328 (Toll Free: US), or 281-285-4551 (Credit: Options 2, 3, 4)
Card Disputes Process and PIN Requests 800-272-7328 (Toll Free: US), or 281-285-4551 (Debit: Options 2, 2, 5) 800-272-7328 (Toll Free: US), or 281-285-4551 (Credit: Options 2, 4, 3)
Card FastTrack Gift Redemption - Special Credit Card Promotion Program 888-257-8365 (Toll Fee: US) Direct mail gift offer (US delivery only)
Score Card Rewards (Debit and Credit Cards) Redeem points online! 800-854-0790 (Toll Free: US), points redemption for gifts and general inquiries (24/7 exc. major holidays).  855-483-5005 (Toll Free: US) for air travel, car rental, hotels, and cruises (9-9 EST M-F, 9-5 EST Sat/Sun).

SECU Organization - Sugar Land Main Branch unless noted otherwise                                                                                                              
President/Manager Harold Ottis
Sr. Vice President - Operations Holly Davis***
Sr. Vice President - Marketing/Technology Jerry Hammervold
Compliance Manager/Controller Melanie Aguilar
Manager - Lending and Collateral Protection Mark Sprainis
Collateral Protection Assistant Tracey Jones
Desktop and Technology Support Specialist Terrence Ramassar
Accounting - Supervisor Ann Ha*
Accounting - Clerk Angelica Gonzales*
Accounting - Compliance Analyst Sara Turcios
Loan Officer Ramona Buxo
Loan Officer Stacy Young
Loan Processor Josie Mckinny
Member Services/Loan Officer - Airline Road Mini-Branch Darcy Haynes
Member Services/Loan Officer - Dairy Ashford Mini-Branch Amber Posey
Member Services/Loan Officer - Rankin Road Mini-Branch Denise Brown
Member Services/Loan Officer - San Felipe Mini-Branch Asia Duckett
Member Services/Loan Officer - Richmond Ave. Mini-Branch Reema Khodr          
Member Services - Lobby Charlene Stauter
Member Services - New Accounts Brittany Montes
Member Services - New Accounts Elvia Lopez
Member Services - New Accounts Shelley Nagel
Member Services - New Accounts Veronica Perez
Member Services - VISA Processor Racquel Wilkerson
Member Services/Reports and ACH Clerk Claudia Sanchez
Member Services/Teller Christopher Martinez
Member Services/Teller Megan Price
Member Services/Teller Melissa Narciza-Garcia
Member Services/Teller Miesha Salas
Member Services - Wires, CDs, IRAs Christy Shelly
Member Services - Wires, Payroll Sylvia Hipolito
Document Clerk/Teller Tina Olano
Title Administrator Pam Stringer*
VISA Debit Representative Cynthia Jackson
VISA Credit Representative Richelle Sanchez
*Notary     ** Signature Guarantee     ***Both

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Schlumberger Bad Weather Hot Line Sugar Land Office 281-285-8595
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