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SECU - International Member Benefits

International Member Benefits

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Getting Started Key Service Applications

SECU is committed to serving our growing international community. This site provides an overview of financial services we provide to our international members.

Membership We do not require that you have a U.S. Social Security Number. For security and identification purposes, we do require a copy of your Passport to complete your membership application. See Membership details.

Online Access Our Net24 Service provides FREE access to your accounts electronically worldwide, both inside and outside of Schlumberger. Integrated within this Service:

  • Account Balances and Transfers. Bill Pay Service requires a U.S. address and Social Security Number. 

  • eStatements and e-Notices (secure messages).

  • Mobile Deposit Capture. Return completed to initiate our online check deposit service (Requires a Checking account, and can deposit U.S. checks only. Also, requires the Net24 Mobile App available only in U.S. Google and Apple stores).

  • Loan Applications for online pre-approval (see loan availability below). 

  • eAlerts - Receive account balances via email or cellular text messages daily.

  • Secure Communications - Use "Contact Us" link to e-sign service requests.

  • Wire Service - International and Domestic.

Loans We do not currently offer mortgage/auto/specialty loans outside of the U.S., but do offer Stock/CD/Share Secured/Signature (Venezuela exception) loans, often at much better rates than other alternatives.

VISA Cards Our cards (Debit or Credit) can be used anywhere in the world. Apply online: Credit or Debit (requires a Checking account). Unique Credit card features include:

  • EMV Chip and Signature for both Debit and Credit cards.

  • Low International Assessment exchange fee (1%) (Debit and Credit).

  • Same competitive rate for cash advance as for regular purchases.

  • No two-cycle billing: interest charged on remaining balance only.

  • 27 day grace period to recieve payment due the first day of the month.

  • No Over-the-limit or Annual renewal fees.

  • Surcharge-Free ATM Access in the US, UK, Puerto Rico, Australia, and Canada.

  • ScoreCard Rewards points program (Credit & Debit) - Limited international delivery, and flights. Currently offering ScoreCard redemption in APO, Argentena, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, Peru, and United States. See details! (Debit and Credit)

Concerned about card limit? 1) Apply for Change Request to increase limit. 2) Contact us for a temporary increase. 3) Use Net24 Service and immediately transfer payment (Pre-pay if additional limit needed for large purchases).

Education (viewable from within Schlumberger corporate internal website only), Auto Buyer's Workshop, and Other Financial Education Resources

Wiring Funds You may occasionally need to move funds between financial institutions. Our Wire Service offers competitive exchange rates and quick delivery. See Wire Fees for incoming/outgoing wires. Initiate wires using our Net24 Service. Some Schlumberger payroll locations offer Direct Deposit service to replenish your accounts.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this website is for informational purposes only. To the extent that there is any discrepancy between information, including interest rates or other financial terms, posted on this site and information available at our branches, the information available at the branches will take precedence.

Please note that by selecting any of the 3rd party website links above, you are leaving the Schlumberger Employees Credit Union "SECU" website. SECU is not responsible for the content on these 3rd party websites or for any claims, lawsuits, or loss associated with using any of the above vendors products or services. Privacy and or security may differ from that of SECU's policy's. The links and information above is only listed for members convenience and ease of information access.